Ashadhi Duj Rath Yatra Shayari - Balabhadra and Subhadra Sayings

Ashadhi Duj Rath Yatra Shayari - Balabhadra and Subhadra Sayings:
First of all I wish you Happy Rath Yatra and say Jai Jagannath. Rath Yatra is the festival associated with Jagannath. On this special day of Ashadhi Duj, Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra leave the temple at Puri seated atop their chariots. The three chariots are pulled by the devotees for over a distance of nearly five kilometres to the Gundicha Bari temple. Generally people finds occasional Rath Yatra sms messages and Best Rath Yatra text messages for  free sent by internet to mobile phone. Here gives a collection of New Rath Yatra greetings for mobile phone. You can use free sent sms internet website and save your mobile expense.

rath yatra sms

(1) Aao milkar sajaaye Jagannath ko,
aao milkar karein gungaan unka,
jo sabko raah dikhaate hai aur
sabki bigdi banate hain,
chalo dhoom dhaam se manaaye
Ye avasar rath yatra ka !

(2) May Lord Jagannath shower his
benign blessings on
you and your family.
May happiness and peace
surround you with his eternal
love and strength.
Happy Rath Yatra !

(3) May Lord Jagannath Answer
all your prayers
on Ashadhi Duj & always.
Jai Jai Jagannath !

(4) May Lord Jagannath bless you with good health,
May Lord Jagannath bless you with love,
Lord Jagannath bless you with happiness.
Happy Rath Yatra Day.

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  1. jai jai baba jaganath baba ki....

  2. jai jai jagannath ki jai........

  3. hare krushna hare rama
    hare rama hare hare


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