Delightful FathersDay Messages - Gift Ideas / Celebration Hints

Delightful FathersDay Messages - Gift Ideas / Celebration Hints:
Some words about Father’s Day : “Delightful And Loving, Loved And Admired Dad, You're My Hero, My Life You've Inspired. You're really the father is More Than A Parent and Wonderful Friend”. The first observance of this day actually took place in Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5, 1908. Now this day is celebrated on a variety of dates in worldwide, but most of world countries celebrate this day on third Sunday of June.

In celebration of the day typically involves gift-giving, special dinners to fathers, and family-oriented activities. On this occasion you can also send mobile messages, like Father’s Day Wishes, Father’s day Greetings, Father’s Day Hug mobile SMS, Father’s Day Love SMS Messages to your parents and friends.

fathers day messages

(1) Father:Tum ne aj tak koi aisa kaam kiya
hai jis se mera sir ouncha hua ho?
Son: Jee papa yaad kijiye ek dafa maine
ap ke sir ke neechay do takiye rakhay the !

(2) Some people are better just as they are
Just like you !
Happy Fathers'Day !

(3) A Father means so many things...
An understanding heart,
A source of strength and support
right from the very start.
Happy Father's Day !

(4) Thanks for being there
Through the tears,
Through the laughter
Even through the dirty diapers.
Happy Father's Day !

(5) Daddy no one can decribe
in words what a father means.

Happy fathers day daddy,
And remember i love you !

(6) You May Be Out

Of Sight

But You"Re

Always In

My Mind.

Happy Father's Day !

(7) U r every thing to me
With whom I can share my all secrets.
U r always there to help me
Whenever I'm in distress.
I Love U
Happy Father's Day !

(8) Girl to father: Plz Hold my Hand because,
If I hold Ur hand,
I may leave ur hand in some difficulty.
But if u hold my hand,
I m sure that you will not leave my hand !

(9) One

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