Kurkury Husband Wife Jokes / Marriage Shayari In Hindi

Kurkury Husband Wife Jokes / Marriage Shayari In Hindi:
Wedding is the most important moment in any one's life. Such a union, often formalized via a wedding ceremony, may also be called matrimony. Marriage is a social union or one type of  legal contract. People marry for many reasons like social, libido, emotional, spiritual, and religious. After all any in any type of marriages like arranged marriages or Civil marriage became jokes.

Often people search for sent free massages on internet for mobile fun. So here gives sms collection for sent free massages to your groups mobile. This post under tag Latest funny husband wife jokes and shayari in Hindi and English. Crazy collection of jokes about marriages, pati and patni, saas and bahu jokes.

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(1) Husband: Tumse shaadi karke mujhe ek bahut bada faayda hua hai!

Wife: Woh kya ?

Husband: Mujhe mere gunaaho ki saza jeete jee hi mil gayi !

(2) Aisi BIWI ko kya kahege jo Sundar ho,
Samajhdar ho, Budhiman ho, Kam bolti ho,
aur apne pati se kabhi na LADTI ho !

(3) Husband : (came from office ) Darling
I'm tired should need a cup of coffee.
Wife: O sure sweetheart! Kitchen is beside you,
but plz make its strong and sugar should be less !

(4) wife to husband: 'What do you like most in me,
my pretty face or my sexy body ?'
He looked at her from head to leg and
replied: 'I like your sense of humor !

(5) In an African Safari,A LION suddenly bounced on Santa's wife.
WIFE-Shoot him! Shoot him!
SANTA-Yes Yes.I'm changing d battery of my camera !

(6) A successful man is one,
who makes more money
his wife can spend !

(7) Wife ko begum kyon kehte hai ?
Ans: Kyonki shadi ke baad sare gum to husband
ke hisse mein aate hai,
aur biwi Be-Gum ho jai Hai !

(8) Wife: Shadi ke pehle to tum mujhe roj gift
diya karte they, ab kyun nahi dete ?
Husband: Machhali pakdne ke baad bhi
kya koi chara dalta hai ?

(9) Shadi ke pehle maine pyar kiya.
Shadi ke baad ye maine kya kiya ?
Shadi ke pehle Dil to Pagal Hai.
Shadi ke baad dil to pahal tha !

(10) Whats the diff btween Watch and Wife ?
Ek kharaab hoti hai to band ho jaati hai aur
doosri kharab hoti hai to chaloo ho jati hai !

(11) Koi chupata he, koi batata he
koi rulata he to koi hasata he
pyar to har kisiko he kisi na kisi se
fark itna he…koi azmaata he or koi nibhaata he!

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