Happy Chocolate Day New Quotes / Scraps / Greetings 2013

Happy Chocolate Day New Quotes / Scraps / Greetings 2013:
Other things are just food. But chocolate’s chocolate. Yes friends you are here it means today is chocolate day, so first of all happy chocolate day from team “sms 140 worlds”. On this sweetest day generally people finds on internet chocolate day greetings, scraps, quotes and messages for sent free sms. In these days internet users very crazy for sent free sms web to mobile. So I give here a sweet collection of chocolate day new, latest and also funny text messages in English and Hindi for mobile.

chocolate day quotes and greetings

(1) Nine out of ten people like chocolate.
The tenth person always lies.
Happy chocolate day !

(2) Giving chocolate to others is an intimate
form of communication, a sharing of deep,
dark secrets.

(3) There's nothing better than a good friend,
except a good friend with CHOCOLATE !

(4) It's not that chocolates are a substitute for love.
Love is a substitute for chocolate.
Happy chocolate day.

(5) Life without chocolate is like a beach without water.
Happy sweetest chocolate day !

(6) Chocolate is the best when
it melts so creamy and soft in your
mouth and it slides down your throat.

I love this sweet day because of my chocolate love.

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