Lovely Rose Day SMS - My Best Flower is You

Lovely Rose Day SMS - My Best Flower is You:
Hey my sweet heart you know? Actually you are my real rose for forever!

Lovely Rose Day SMS

1)Don’t find love, let love find you.
That’s why it’s called falling in love,
because you don’t force yourself to fall,
you just fall. Happy Rose Day!!!

2)One day you ask me:
What’s more important to you,
Me or your life?
I’ll say my life and you’ll go,
And leave without even knowing that you are my life.
Happy rose day!

3)Love can be expressed in many ways.
One way I know is to send it,
Across the distance to the person,
Who is reading this.Happy rose day!

4)Every night when I look at the moon,
It reminds me of you,
How you can see the same moon.
It makes me sometimes sad
Because I can see the moon,
But I can’t see you. Happy Rose Day!

5)In the Flower, My Rose is U,
In the Diamond, My Kohinoor is U,
In the Sky, My Moon is U,
I’m only Body, My Heart is U,
That’s Y i always Miss You !!

6)Roses r exclusively 4 a nice person like u,
From a simple person like me,
Keep this rose until they DRY,
But keep my friendship until i passed away.

7)I asked God for a rose
And he gave me a garden,
I ask God for a drop of water
And he gave me an ocean,
I asked God for an angel
And he gave me you!
Happy rose day!

8) IF u erase this Message it means u LUV me,
if u keep it u WANT me,
if u simply ignore it,
u really ADORE me! so,
what r u going to do?

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